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For 40 or more years, I’ve had a love affair with plants – medicinal plants to be exact.  

From my first patch of chamomile as a child, to the day I built my first apothecary, there has never been a time when making medicine has not been my passion.  Teaching came almost as an afterthought, after I found so many other people who wanted to learn my art.  

I began making herbal tisane and teas for other people when I was a girl, which led to designing my own recipes in my 20’s, then to formulating complex compounds in my 30’s and culminated with opening my first Apothecary in my 40’s.  Throughout my life, I have expanded my knowledge, integrating traditional herbal lore with the scientific method, to create new, effective and ever more complex medicines.

I used to say to my students and apprentices who were concerned with the lack of accreditation available in the USA, that the measure of an herbalist is not judged by certificates or degrees, but by how many people’s lives you’ve made better.

Ten years ago, I also began my journey to become a Salusine, a priestess of Salus, the Roman goddess of health, and this supported my transition into a healer and empath. In the beginning, the science and art of making medicine from nature was the focus of my life.  This quite naturally evolved into becoming attuned to the healing of others, with compassion, empathy and the natural gifts of the Healer.