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Master Herbalist, Artist, Salusine, Damn Fine Cook!

…. and lover of a good cup of tea in a porcelain teacup

The Hidden Alchemist began as an Apothecary in the historic centre of Seattle, USA.  After many years, the founder, Savina Bertollini, moved to rural Italy to begin a new adventure in the birthplace of the Bertollini Family.

These days, Savina is creating an herbal garden in her tiny hill town in le Marche, and is looking to teach others her methods, formulae, recipes and art.  She teaches courses on herbal medicine at local farms, in small communities, and to friends.  Word of mouth is traditional in Italy, so many people come calling on her small garden apothecary, searching for the natural medicines they’ve been hearing about.

Savina also teaches sewing craft at a local secondary school, is becoming skilled as a photographer, is remodeling their 18th century Italian casa, paints, sews all her own clothing (mostly by hand), is known far and wide as the one place people can visit for incredible vegetarian food,

…. and plans to get some sleep any day now.

This is our home in rural Italy – our house is located on the city wall, all the way at the bottom left of the image.

Santa Vittori in Matenano, Marche, Italia

Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Marche, Italia